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Professor at ETH Zürich, originally from Brussels, Belgium. Head of the Networked Systems Group. Trying to make the Internet better, one pipe at a time.

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Laurent Vanbever . @laurent,

I've not been using social media for a while (I guess I've grown tired of it) but I figured I would still share our 2023 activity report.

Teaching and services took a big share of our time. I don't mind it too much but also look forward to go back to "research first" in 2024!

Check the 1-pager for more info:

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Laurent Vanbever . @laurent,

Here is a selection of the self-hosted services I run and like these days:

- linkding, bookmark service (
- plex, media server (
- home assistant + homebridge, home automation ( +
- Nextcloud, self-hosted Dropbox (
- Duplicati, encrypted cloud-based backups (
- Squeezebox Server, audio streaming (
- GoToSocial, ActivityPub/Mastodon,
- Samba, file sharing
- Apache2, hosting + reverse-proxying

What are your current favorites? 🙃

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Laurent Vanbever . @laurent,

We humans are absolutely *terrible* at generating randomness. Case in point. You're asked to press the "f" & "d" keys randomly. After a few presses, a simple probabilistic model is likely to be able to predict your next key with a 60+% accuracy!

Try it here:


I thought I was better, I'm not.

(This BTW is known as Aaronson Oracle).

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